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The AAA office building has the latest technology and has 8 free floors of 1,411 m² with panoramic views and great flexibility of use, an open floor of 3,634 m² with great natural light and 275 parking spaces located in two basements, totaling 16,500 m² of profitable area.



Madero Riverside has facilities that meet the most demanding international requirements, while contributing to the care of the environment.

Electrical system

In the event of a power outage, three 500KVA generator sets facilitate the continuous supply of 100% of the building’s consumption, without limitation on operating time*.

Air conditioning system

The air conditioning of the building (cold-heat) is developed by VRV systems (Variable refrigerant volume).

Intelligent control

Developed to monitor and operate air conditioning, mechanical, electrical, elevator and sanitary ventilation installations. It also interacts with the fire station and with the building’s security and communications systems.

Fire detection, warning and extinguishing system

This system has been designed according to criteria of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) of the United States. The building has an intelligent fire detection and warning system by visual and audible alarm, with detectors distributed on and under ceilings. The system has automatic sprinklers, fire extinguishers and hoses on all floors.

Access control and security

Access to the building, both pedestrian and vehicular, is made through magnetic cards. The building is monitored by CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras located in strategic places of the building. Both systems report to the security bunker and interact with intelligent control and fire detection systems.

*The electrical infrastructure of the building is prepared to meet the requirements of occupants who have datacenters certified according to the TIER 2 standards of the Uptime institute®.


Madero Riverside was designed to minimize waste and polluting emissions, in addition to saving energy and water, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants and the environment.


Cecilia Grierson 255,
C1107 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Front desk: +5411.5295.7250

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Cecilia Grierson 255,
C1107 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Recepción Edificio: +5411.5295.7250

Las imágenes y planos presentados en este sitio son exclusivamente de carácter artístico-ilustrativo. Las especificaciones y demás particularidades expuestas no constituyen una oferta y no son vinculantes, pudiendo variar sin previo aviso.